Custom Crafted ZigZag Foot (F2) – Accessory of the Month March 2024


Included with select Janome models, this foot is alternatively referred to as the Open-Toe Satin Stitch Foot. Designed with a bevelled underside and two outer footings with metal base strips, it boasts a small fabric footprint, making it ideal for sewing dense satin stitches or decorative stitch patterns.

This foot travels smoothly over the sewn stitches, without compressing or flattening, leaving a decorative raised finish.

The clear plastic and open-toe, makes for easy viewing while stitching; plus, a centre needle mark on the foot, indicates the centre needle drop position; the user can confidently follow a marked line on fabric, using the centre needle position marker.

This foot can also be used for quilting, monogramming, applique, and cut work.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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BOM March 2024 – Block 3 & 4


From February 2024 to December 2024, we will be creating Blocks which will assist you in understanding stitches, techniques and accessories. When completed, the blocks will be pieced together then quilted using different techniques. If you do not wish to create the Blocks each month, simply learn the techniques and use them to create or embellish other projects.

March 2024 – Block 3 & 4 covers
• Monogramming
• Smocking
• Gathering

Click here for the project instructions.

Bias Tape Guide and Belt Loop Folder for CoverPro 3000 Professional (Cover stitch model) – Accessory of the Month May 2023


This attachment can be used in two ways: as a “Bias Tape Guide” that can guide bias tape (single fold) and sew it on to knit fabric, and as a “Belt Loop Folder” that can make belt loops from fabric tape. This attachment is useful for creating various types of sewing work.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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AcuFeed Single Foot Holder and Feet – Accessory of the Month February 2023


Janome truly integrates a built-in walking foot with a unique seven-point feed dog system. Since the top layer is fed in perfect timing with the bottom layer, all fabrics move smoothly, even the slippery ones like velvet or thick layers of quilting fabric and batting, and home décor fabrics. Perfect feeding also means perfect alignment of patterns such as checks and plaids.

The AcuFeed Flex'” fabric feeding system is fully detachable and easy to remove when you’re not using it. Select the presser foot that best matches your sewing needs and attach. The single type dual feed attachments let you get in close to sew a narrower area as well as the edges of cloth. Standard and zipper single type feet are available for AcuFeed Flex fabric feeding system only. Use the AcuFeed Zipper Foot to insert zips into plastic coated fabric, leather and any tricky to handle materials without any difficulty.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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