Janome Satin Stitch Foot – Accessory Of The Month November 2021


The Satin Stitch Foot, is also sometimes called Custom Crafted Zig Zag Foot, is used for sewing dense satin stitches or decorative stitch patterns. The foot glides smoothly over sewn stitches, without compressing or flattening, leaving a decorative raised finish.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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AcuFil Quilting Kit – Accessory Of The Month October 2021


The AcuFil Quilting tool software on the Memory Craft 15000QM is a quilter’s best friend, not only does it allow you to calculate the exact amount of stippling to give your quilts that professional finish but also creates unique AcuFil Designs for a personal touch. The AcuFil Quilting kit is an optional extra for the Memory Craft 550e, Memory Craft 500e, Memory Craft 400e.

This Accessory of the Month has a bonus project for you to make.

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Decorative Twin Needle Napkins


 A twin needle is a needle with a single shank and two needle shafts. The two needle shafts each have an eye allowing a single strand of thread to pass through, which gives you two parallel rows of stitching. Traditionally the twin needle has been used in the sewing of woven and stretch fabric to create a hem stitch. In this project the basic concept of the twin needle has been used as a decorative feature to brighten up plan napkins.

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Stitch Combination


The Stitch Combination feature can be used to program decorative stitches to create unique pattern combinations to decorate your sewing projects.

This feature is available on Continental M7 Professional, MC15000QM, Skyline S9, S7, S6 & S3, Memory Craft 9450QCP, Memory Craft 9850, Memory Craft 6700P, Memory Craft 8200QCP, Memory Craft 6650, 5300QDC, 4300QDC & DM7200.