Memory Craft 6700P Professional Janome’s fastest domestic sewing machine ever

Memory Craft 6700P Professional Press Release



Janome Australia Tuesday August 8, 2017: Janome unveiled the all-new Memory Craft 6700P Professional, a domestic sewing machine infused with industrial precision and quality.

At the heart of MC6700P is its heavy duty professional design with flat bed and powder coated aluminium body, typically seen in industrial sewing machines. With a powerful motor delivering a maximum sewing speed of 1200SPM, not only is MC6700P the fastest zig zag machine in the Janome range, it offers maximum penetrating power, ideal for those tougher sewing projects!

MC6700P is also the first flatbed sewing machine in the Janome range that is equipped with a one-step needle plate conversion, allowing users to easily access the bobbin area for cleaning, and more importantly, allowing sewists to effortlessly change between one of three needle plates that come standard with the machine. The three needle plates allow users to customise their machine to ensure that they are always getting optimal stitch results and quality, no matter what the sewing project is.

MC6700P extends its user-centric design focus to include a more streamlined shape, spacious work area and shadowless LED lights to provide users an optimal working environment. The machine boasts a flat working surface of 255mm (10’’) from centre needle position to the inner bed of the machine.

Jojo Yamada, Managing Director, Janome Australia said, “The Memory Craft 6700P Professional is the product of years of extensive research and development, and we are confident we have created our best professional machine with industrial precision, durability and quality, whilst incorporating all of the great features which Janome customers have come to love.”

The Memory Craft 6700P Professional will be available from Aug 8, 2017 in Australia. Contact your local Janome retailer to learn more about the new product or to book a time to preview the machine in person. Visit for further information and to locate your local retailer.

Click here to download the Memory Craft 6700P Professional Press Release in pdf.


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